Buyer & Seller Title Services

Asking the right questions and understanding title insurance is crucial as it allows you to choose the right title company.  Here are questions that you should know the answers to:

What do Title Companies do?

A Title Company facilitates the closing, prepares closing documents, disburses closing funds and issues property title insurance.

Do all Title Companies provide the same service?

To answer this question, I would like to use an automobile shopping for a comparison.  While all cars are designed to drive you from point A to point B, some offer a much smoother ride, better technology, all bells and whistles, dependable post-sale service and maintenance, and of course, strong and all-inclusive warranty program. Similarly, title companies are not created equal. At Esquire Land Title we offer extensive expertise in title insurance matters, client focused customer service, integrity and transparency in all aspects of transaction, and of course, strong financial backing of major underwriters, who can handle or pay off any insurance claims.

Do all Title Companies charge the same?

The answer is simple. No. There are many Title Companies, which, in addition to the regular closing fee that they disclose in a hurry, charge a multitude of creative add-on costs. You unexpectedly find them on your closing statement. They could be labeled as a courier fee, copy fee, municipal lien search fee, notary fee and so on. At Esquire Land Title we believe in transparency and treating all parties fairly. Our fee structure is reasonable and simple, no add-on charges, and, for added transparency, we will give you a closing quote before you commit to us!

I know that Title Insurance rates are regulated by the State of Florida. So, how can I save?

In addition to saving settlement costs, you can save money by seeking a “reissue” rate. Reissue rates can result in a rather substantial discount – up to 40% – from the regular title insurance cost. Have you heard of those rates or have you been offered a “reissue credit?” This is why you should work with a Title Company that works for you. At Esquire Land Title, the very first thing we do is to verify if you meet the criteria for “reissue credit,” and if so, we will help you facilitate it .

Buyers Services:

When you are buying a property, you want to have a peace of mind that your valuable investment is protected from hidden claims or potential ownership issues. You want to be sure that the person you are buying it from has the right to pass the ownership to you. Although title issues are rare, they might be very costly, sometimes even devastating. This is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable team of title insurance experts. Esquire Land Title offers extensive knowledge and experience in title insurance and settlement services, as well as financial security and legal resources of nationwide underwriters to defend any possible title claims against your property. Once we close on your purchase and issue a title policy, you can feel confident that not only will the policy cover an attorney’s research and court costs, it will also pay any back loans or liens if they are legitimate. The entire issue will be handled with no additional expenses or costs to you.

Seller Services:

It is customary in state of Florida that the Seller is paying for the closing as well as for Buyer’s title insurance policy. What is frightening in this scenario is that often Sellers commit to paying it without knowing upfront how much it will cost them. Many Sellers don’t know that they can choose their closing title company, learn about the closing cost upfront, control their closing and save money with our transparent and fair fee structure! If your house is already listed for sale, it is the best if you contact us now, before you received an offer. We can help you to plan ahead, avoid any surprises by quoting your closing cost, discuss the closing process and help you to estimate how much cash you will receive on hand if you accept a certain price for you home. During contract negotiation, you will need to list us on your contract as your escrow agent, so buyer’s funds are being escrowed timely and ready for the closing.

Why Esquire Land Title: