Working with Realtors

Dear Realtors! We understand how much work you put into procuring a sale and bringing all parties to agree on contract terms. No matter if you are representing a buyer or a seller, you have invested a lot of time and effort. From this point on, you want things to go smoothly, professionally, stress free and with a quick closing. Earn high customer satisfaction that result in future referrals!

At Esquire Land Title we see our relationship as a true partnership. We see our role as being a part of your team, building a positive brand image and growing your business. How do we do it? Here is the recipe: Creating an excellent closing experience and investing into post-closing marketing to generate leads and referrals that will result in more sales for you and more closings for us!

Does your current title company do this for you? If the answer is no, please join us, so we can help you to be even more successful! Just give me a call and let’s talk!

We also help you with marketing efforts. Ask us about our marketing program today!

Post-closing follow up marketing program

For the next 3 YEARS, every quarter we will mail a card with Home Tips to your Buyer or Seller. The card will contain great ideas such as how to organize their house, do summer maintenance, spring cleaning and so on.

The other side of the card will have a text similar to: “Please remember, I am here for you anytime you need my assistance. Give me a call if I can help you or anyone you know!” Below is:  Your Name, Your Phone Number and our contact.

Why Esquire Land Title: